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With just a few mouse clicks, you can use the USPS mail hold option to make vacation travel easier.

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Back in the day (before internet), vacation planning included arranging for a neighbor to collect the mail. People could go to the post office and request a formal mail hold by filling out a simple form. Since our post office isn’t convenient to my home, I usually relied on neighbors. But sometimes, neighbors forget the mail and a stuffed mailbox is an invitation to identity thieves and burglars — it screams “No one’s home!”

Our much maligned USPS offers a solution, the online USPS mail hold. Yep! From the comfort of your own home, you can request a USPS mail hold in less than 60 seconds.

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Here’s how:

Go to the USPS hold mail page:
Complete the form. You need only one household adult’s name to hold the mail for the entire address.
Click the “Check availability” button.
On the next screen, complete the rest of the form indicating the mail hold start date, end date and method of delivery.
I make the end date one day after I expect to return in case of trip delays.
I always ask the post office to deliver my mail. Why make a trip if I don’t have to?

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Click submit.

Save the confirmation number that appears on the next screen. The post office also sends a confirmation email. Save it, just in case you have problems.
Should your vacation plans change, go to the same page, click on “Edit or cancel another mail hold request” located on the right side of the page and highlighted in blue. Provide the confirmation number and your email or phone. Follow the prompts to cancel or change your USPS mail hold request. It’s that easy!

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We’ve used the USPS mail hold tool for years. It provides me peace of mind. With as much as I travel, it also keeps me from burdening my neighbors!
Happy travels!

How To Set A UPS Vacation Hold

Ever started on an extended trip only to be notified that item on back-order is finally in stock and will arrive after you leave? In the past I’ve had to beg friends to swing by and pick up stuff so it didn’t sit outside my door for a week or trek to the far out distribution centers upon my return. And then it occurred to me to see if you could hold package deliveries like you do mail.

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Sure enough! Both FedEx and UPS allow you to create vacation holds that will pause any incoming deliveries while you’re gone and deliver them once you’re back. This won’t help if you forgot to pause your Hello Fresh subscription, but otherwise it’s been a life saver, particularly with deliveries needing a signature.

In case you decide to bookmark this page, here’s the link to the USPS hold mail form for easy reference.

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UPS My Choice offers both free and paid options, but you only need a free membership to add a 7 day delivery hold. To set your hold dates, login and go to your profile page.
In the Set My Preferences box, select UPS My Choice Preferences.
Choose the relevant address and scroll to the bottom. Expand Delivery Hold Requests and click Request a Hold to enter your dates and info.


Note: UPS will only hold a package for 7 days, so it’s not ideal for longer trips but at least it’s something!

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FedEx’s Delivery Manager is a free service, but requires creating an account. Once you’ve created an account or logged in, go to the Delivery Manager page.

Select edit by the relevant address.

Choose your dates. You can place a vacation hold for up to 14 days. Note: you can only have one vacation hold at a time per address and you must resume service for 6 days before placing another hold.

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Election office in your state to update your address on your voter registration record and be assigned a new polling place if necessary.

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) if you’re a veteran who gets benefit payments or wants to update your records.
Step 3
Letting the government and USPS know of your COA won’t solve all your future mail matters. A bit more effort is also involved.

“Mail forwarding with the USPS only goes so far. It simply forwards mail from address A to address B. The company that sent mail to your address A is actually not notified that you moved. They still don’t know about address B,” Weinerman notes.

“You need to update your address with them directly. This can involve contacting dozens of businesses one by one to inform them of your mailing address and to transfer service.”

These businesses can include:

Electric, natural gas, telephone, cellular, cable, streaming services, and other utilities
Banks, lenders, credit unions, credit cards and other financial bodies you have accounts with
Health, auto, life, homeowner’s and other insurers
Newspapers, magazines and clubs you subscribe to or have memberships with
Professionals like your doctor, dentist, attorney, and veterinarian.
Forwarding mail with a temporary address
Maybe you’ll be briefly staying somewhere else before a permanent move. In this case, ask for a temporary COA using the same USPS online form. You can request mail forwarding for as long as one year or as brief as 15 days.

Plan on being away for three to 30 days after the move? The USPS can hold your mail at your local post office until you get back. You can request that your mail be held as early as the next scheduled delivery day or up to a month ahead of time. Confirm that this service is available for your address first.

Perhaps you have urgent mail that you need to be delivered quickly after the move. If so, enroll in USPS’ Premium Forwarding Service. They’ll hold your mail, package it and ship it to you via Priority Mail every week. The fee is $18.45 to enroll online and $20.10 for each extra week you keep it active.

Forwarding mail not always 100 percent effective
Note that the USPS doesn’t forward all mail the same way.

“Be sure to read USPS policies on mail forwarding exceptions,” Weinerman says. For instance, magazines and second class mail will not be forwarded after two months. And if you received incorrectly addressed mail or mail without your actual name on it, this mail will not be forwarded.

Lastly, after the move, you may want to return to your last address to check for mail that got left behind.

“I wouldn’t suggest going back to your old home often. You don’t want to intrude,” she adds. “But you may be worth reaching out or visiting if you notice that something specific hasn’t arrived. Contact the new owner or tenant ahead of time and see if the mail arrived.”

Dorothy Height Stamp Introduced For USPS Black Heritage

Stamp Regarding Social liberties Lobbyist Dorothy Stature Observes Dark History Month On February 1, 2017, the Postal Service™ discharged its 40th stamp of the Dark Legacy arrangement including Dorothy Tallness. The  postal service tracking number stamp disclosing was held at Howard College in Washington D.C. observing African-American History Month. Albeit once in a while picking up the acknowledgment allowed to her male peers, she got to be distinctly a standout amongst the most powerful social equality pioneers of the twentieth century.Artist Thomas Blackshear II made the stamp utilizing gouache and acrylics in view of a 2009 photo  usps working hours taken by Lateef Mangum.With this stamp, Stature joins other ladies who have been commended with stamps, for example, Harriet Tubman (first of the Dark Legacy arrangement in 1978), Bessie Coleman in 1995 and Maya Angelou in 2015.Service and Support in the interest of African-American WomenDorothy Tallness was conceived in Richmond, Virginia on Walk 24, 1912. She went to New York College and earned her single man and graduate degrees in four years. Her postgraduate work was finished at Columbia College and the New York School of Social Work.Height’s social equality support started to develop in 1933. In 1937, teacher and political pioneer Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune (1875 – 1955) welcomed her to join the National Board of Negro Ladies (NCNW) to help lead, create, and advocate for ladies of African plunge. Stature got to be Leader of NCNW in 1957 and served for a long time.

Stature’s Motivation Proceeds TodayNCNW Southern California zone club individuals are pleased with the Dorothy Tallness Stamp.”We were overjoyed to find out about the stamp!” said NCNW SoCal Co-Convener Dr. Helena Johnson. “It is a tribute to her that we are still here and we are as yet moving forward.””She was an exceptionally conclusive specialist who didn’t go outside convention keeping in mind the end goal to complete things. What’s more, she was great about motivating individuals to work with her,” Johnson recalled.Black Legacy Stamps and Additionally Regarding African-Americans Accessible NowThe Dorothy Stature stamp is accessible at Post Office™ areas and online at The Postal Store®. This Eternity stamp will dependably be equivalent in incentive to the present Top notch Mail® one-ounce cost.


Every Door Direct Mail Promotional Coupon

Does your business depend on local traffic to survive?  USPS has an exciting localized marketing solution that will allow you to reach every single address in your target ZIP Codes. For a limited time, you can put it to work for your company at a discount!As Vice President, USPS Sales, I am pleased to announce the Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Coupon promotion: a $50.00 postage credit towards an Every Door Direct Mail order of $350.00 or a $100 postage credit for an Every Door Direct Mail order of $750.00 or more.How can Every Door Direct Mail drive traffic to your store(s)?– Reach consumers in their homes. With Every Door Direct Mail service, you can saturate an entire neighborhood with your message. Your mailing gets directly into the homes and hands of consumers– Use as much or as little space as you need. Every Door Direct Mail service offers a flexible range of sizes, making it ideal for anything from a quick sales announcement to an in-depth product story.– Helps your messages work harder. With Every Door Direct Mail service, you can include coupons, menus, event calendars, store maps, and more — all of which can help get customers to your door.– Every Door Direct Mail is great for announcing new store openings, sales, or other major events. There’s no need to print names and addresses on every mail piece. Find the customers who matter the most:Every Door Direct Mail® from the U.S. Postal Service® is designed to help you reach every home, every address, every time. Now it’s even easier using our redesigned tool! The Every Door Direct Mail tool allows you to map out a target area, use demographic data (e.g. age, household income, and size) to select a delivery route, choose a mailing drop off date, and pay online—all from your computer. You can create your mailings up to 30 days before you plan to mail. Simply enter an address, ZIP Code™, or city and state for your target area to get started. Choose the option that is best for you:– Every Door Direct Mail: If you’re busy with day-to-day operations and don’t have time to design, print and mail your message, use a mail service provider (MSP) to take care of the details. With this option, you or your MSP will need a postage permit to enter your mailing into a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU).– Every Door Direct Mail – Retail: If you’d rather “do it yourself”, Every Door Direct Mail Retail® lets you send up to 5,000 mailpieces a day per ZIP Code. You don’t need to purchase a postage permit if using the approved Every Door Direct Mail Retail Indicia. Coupon Promotion:New Every Door Direct Mail customers are eligible for postage credit ($50 or $100 as outlined above) for mailing when they try Every Door Direct Mail for the first time. If you ever considered direct mail as part of your integrated marketing mix, now is a great time to try it at a discounted price. To learn more about Every Door Direct Mail and get your coupon please call 1-855-559-0438 and you will be connected with a USPS Sales representative nearest you. This promotion ends on December 31, 2014 – so don’t delay!

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The Power Of Handwritten Letter

I think it’s still significant to send and receive cards and letters using the Postal Service because there is nothing more personal. If you can’t be face to face, a personal card or letter offers the next level of intimacy. You have the ability to hold it and cherish each and every word that is conveyed within it. You are able to recall the person and the feelings that are stirred when you remember what they mean to you. It crosses time; when you re-read it and it gives you the very same attachment as the first time you read it. That’s why I have saved various cards and letters from by beloved grandparents, parents and friends. To see their unique handwriting is precious and heart-warming. It gives you a chance to reminisce and be comforted. Cards and letters travel the distance of miles, nations and continents to bring the closeness of your loved ones. I recall when my son was overseas in Iraq. I would receive a letter and know he was still alive on the other side of the world. Seeing his handwriting and reading his thoughts was comforting. I think of my daughter who married a young man in the Coast Guard and has always lived out of state. What a treasure it is to receive any handwritten correspondence because it brings her close to home and my heart. Not even video calls can replace what you feel when you receive a personal handwritten card or letter — the fleeting in the moment sentiment and closeness you experience when you open the envelope. Email, texting and social media all have their time and place. It’s not that I’m unwilling or unable to use any electronic format: I use them daily. In fact, I believe using them keeps me young. I just plain and simply enjoy the handwritten card or letter more.


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